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We are indebted to our current and former colleagues who contributed to sections of this project, including George Perkovich, Nanjira Sambuli, Eyako Heh, June Lee, and Maya Odom. Particular gratitude goes to Marjory Blumenthal for spending countless hours reviewing multiple drafts and providing strategic guidance throughout the project.

We are also grateful for those who took time to provide feedback at critical stages of our work, including Carnegie’s Nick Beecroft, Mike Nelson, Jon Bateman, Arthur Nelson, Taylor Grossman, and Carissa Goodwin, as well as Sharlissa Moore from Michigan State University.

The complexity of this material would not be possible to present without an excellent team of web engineers and designers. Special thanks go to John Sheridan, who was ever-accommodating and built a website well-suited to this content, and the Glen Echo Group, which helped us design many of the visual elements.

We also wish to thank the many government and industry leaders from around the world who expressed interest in our work and took time to discuss it with us.

This project was supported by the Microsoft Corporation, whose experts also helped us understand the growing complexity of the cloud services landscape, and through the Hewlett Foundation’s and Carnegie trustees’ ongoing support of Carnegie’s Technology and International Affairs Program.

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